I think it might have even been you I was relating this to a few days ago, but that reminds me of my trip to Yellowstone. I was on the fence about having kids at the time, and mr. strange and I had only been dating about a year. Many of the sights in Yellowstone are easily accessible to absolutely everyone, and that's… » 10/23/14 10:33pm Yesterday 10:33pm

I flew from MI to CA with my cat. I got a soft carrier for her and agonized a LOT about whether to sedate her but decided not to. She tends to howl during car rides, but she was very quiet through most of the trip, probably because the whole experience was so freaky. I had the carrier under my seat. One of the… » 10/23/14 10:17pm Yesterday 10:17pm

I got two holes per ear at once there, and one of them is crooked. It's kind of annoying when the backs crash into each other on that side. It was also pretty miserable; I got it done when I was 21 and should have known well enough to get it done by a piercer, but didn't. My ears were really read and hot and painful… » 10/23/14 8:29pm Yesterday 8:29pm

Ok, so for a while I kept hearing good things about Sons of Anarchy, and now I hear bad things about Sons of Anarchy, and I'm confused. We watched the first two episodes, and it's so far under "looks interesting will keep watching." Does it get bad at a particular point? » 10/23/14 8:21pm Yesterday 8:21pm

If I do any kind of floor workout at home, my cat comes over all "you must be on the floor to pet me right? Hey, what are you doing? You are not petting me. You will now stop doing that and pet me. PET ME HUMAN." » 10/23/14 8:02pm Yesterday 8:02pm

I used to not get it either, but then I got one and like it. I always have trouble finding just the right light jacket that's not too cold or too hot for that crappy 35 - 45 temperature range. Down vest over a hoodie works perfectly for me though. » 10/23/14 3:46pm Yesterday 3:46pm

Actually, you don't pay more than enough taxes towards actual social services, you twat. You probably work your damndest to make sure you pay a lower effective tax rate than your secretary, the loopholes in the tax code allow you to pay far less than your share, and we don't have enough social services anyway. So line… » 10/23/14 3:39pm Yesterday 3:39pm

My understanding (I don't even know why I have understanding) is that it's about game developers getting too cozy with journalists which results in inflated game reviews and you want to be able to trust the reviews. Which I guess is valid, but it basically boils down to "Zoe Quinn is a slut" and they seem to think… » 10/23/14 2:34pm Yesterday 2:34pm

A utility bill doesn't prove citizenship though. Do they require a social security card (which is free)? I'm against these laws that basically amount to poll taxes and voter suppression, but I do feel like we need to somehow or other make sure people are eligible to vote. » 10/22/14 5:01pm Wednesday 5:01pm

Man, that's hard. I keep thinking mr. strange and I will eventually need separate beds. I have misophonia that used to be mild but keeps getting worse, and he breathes kinda loud when he sleeps. Not snoring, just loud-ish breathing. Any sound of breathing drives me absolutely insane. I wake up at least twice a night… » 10/22/14 3:41pm Wednesday 3:41pm

Let's see, my dad and mr. strange are both: academics, very quiet, eat very slowly, and take forever to leave the house. I've said "argh you're being like my dad!" a few times to him, but I can't even remember what about. A few times about the dragging me to boring parties put on by professors for their department.… » 10/22/14 3:34pm Wednesday 3:34pm

I'm sure there would be faux lighting, but it's just not the same. For me at least, nothing replaces the sun. I was just thinking this morning how much I love the gigantor windows in my office and how preferable they are to working under artificial lighting. » 10/22/14 9:14am Wednesday 9:14am

Yeah, I'd like to do something like that once my student loans are paid off (straight up can't afford to right now). I'm just in a people-helping mood. What's frustrating is I can definitely help people via public health, and in theory vets are needed in public health because so many of these diseases get started in… » 10/22/14 10:23am Wednesday 10:23am